The flood of foreign made ammunition into the USA during the past few years has made many shooters much more aware of quality.  Many have experienced fowled guns, misfires, feeding malfunctions and lack of consistency in velocity and accuracy.

These problems stem primarily from the use of inferior components and lack of quality control in the manufacturing process.  Our products are all factory new ammunition.



You can be assured that the ammo you purchase from American Bullet is built from high quality 100% Made in America components.  We are highly selective in the components that we use as it is our goal to make the most reliable and consistent Target Pistol ammunition available.

We have focused on the semi-automatic pistol market bringing you 9mm Luger, .40 S&W, .45 Auto/.45 ACP with additional calibers to follow.  We provide ammunition to law enforcement and meet the demanding requirements of this market.  Now this target ammunition is available to civilians as well.

All of the bullets in our products are fully encapsulated to reduce lead exposure to shooters, a strong consideration when used in indoor ranges.  Our Target Pistol bullets are swaged and double struck for bullet consistency.



Our manufacturing process is highly automated using the finest equipment available in the industry.  This precision manufacturing assures the consistency that shooters demand.  Throughout the manufacturing process, rounds of ammunition are sampled and consistency measured and verified.  When our ammunition leaves the manufacturing process it then goes through rigorous quality control testing.


Quality Control

Every round that we produce goes through a quality control process before it goes in the package.  In addition to various sampling tests, each round is visually inspected by our quality engineers and chambered in a case gauge to insure proper sizing so you can be sure that each round will chamber properly.



Ammunition testing is an important part of our quality control process.  Samples of each lot are fired on our test range to verify velocity and accuracy.  It’s a tough job but somebody has to do it!

This high quality ammunition is available to law enforcement and now to consumers – factory direct to you.

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